Allen Newman

Photo of partner, Allen Newman

From Allen’s early days in a measured surveying department of an architect’s practice, he has always shown professionalism and aptitude in completing each individual survey. Consequently he has been elected as a fellow in both the Guild of Surveyors and the Surveying Institute.

More recently he became a professional member of the RICS. Allen has seen a lot of changes in technology over the years and continues to look forward to the advancements it brings whilst still using traditional techniques. Allen is based in the Guildford office and has a number of responsibilities as the more senior partner.

Duncan Geary

Photo of partner, Duncan Geary

Following Duncan’s studies in London, he worked at a Land and Measured Building Surveying practice for a number of years starting as a junior and leaving as a senior surveyor. He then moved out of London and took a position in a company where he was part of a design team in the role of a space planner.

His next position was as a senior surveyor in a Midlands based Land Surveying practice where he was responsible for improving methods and training staff, and increased their ratio of measured building surveys significantly while he was there. Duncan then set up his own practice as a sole practitioner offering both Land & Measured Building Surveys until until he formed NGM Surveys with Allen & Ross and as one of the partners of NGM Surveys he is responsible for the Worcester office.

Ross Macaulay

Photo of partner, Ross Macaulay

Ross started with his studies in the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Following that his first job was working in the oil industry, and was once involved in moving an oil rig over Christmas. Soon after he came ashore and worked for a Land and Measured Building surveying practice in London. He rose through the ranks and became a team leader with a large teams of eight surveyors.

With this he had to be good at organising and dealing with a variety of clients and their requirements. Ross also got heavily involved with the other aspects of land and measured building work such as monitoring, area reports, land registry documents, as well as visualisation verification. Amongst other aspects Ross is responsible for the Guildford office.